Behind The Hustle Podcast

Episode one: Introduction

October 18, 2022 Geivon EG Cisneros Season 1 Episode 1
Behind The Hustle Podcast
Episode one: Introduction
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My first podcast episode, EVER...
Introduction to who I am and my goals with this podcast.
Welcome to Behind The Hustle.

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Yo, what up everybody? This is EG the Playmaker and you're tuned into Behind the Hustle. My new podcast episode number one, let's go straight to it. So, one thing I want to be clear. First off and foremost, I just wanna say thank you for taking the time in general outta your life to just lend me your ears for five to 10 minutes that I plan to do this, uh, every Monday. So for those that don't know who I am, my name is eeg, uh, Joon Ci Neros. Everybody calls me EEG though. And I'm the owner or founder of a successful marketing company, uh, it's called Hustle Division llc. And I'm an entrepreneur. I, I'm very, very thankful to be able to do what I love for a living. And, and a lot of people, a lot of people ask me, what do you, what do you do? 

Speaker 1 (01:04):

Like, I just, I just, all, all I see is the, the cars and the, the glamor, the glitz, the rainbows and the unicorns. Like all the, all the happy stuff, right? All the shiny stuff. And, um, my, my answer, my go-to answer is always like, I'm in the business of helping people win. That's all I do. It's really all I do. And they kind of just, like, a lot of people like that answer and everything. Like, it does sound cool, but that's literally what I do. Labels, brands come to me, to my company and ask for today's best marketing strategies or the release of a product of some sort. Um, people come to me for a lot of different things. People come to me just to make it happen, man. So if you want, if you wanna make it happen, make sure to hit me up or whatever, send a email and stuff like that. 

Speaker 1 (01:55):

But the purpose, the purpose of this podcast is I wanna, there's a few points and I'm gonna try to run through them very clear. And my, my style is very transparent, very direct. And some of my points are just to be able to like, allow to give the answers that people like search for. Cuz it, it could be confusing as far as like what they see on social media. Like a lot of people, they ask me, how did I do this? And how did I get to where I'm at? What drives me? What motivates me? What keeps me consistent with the things that I'm doing? How did you end up in this place? And how are you friends with that person and this celebrity and this high profile person? Or, or however such, right? And I want this to be able to be the opportunity for me to give these golden stories, these very special moments that a lot of people don't know about. 

Speaker 1 (02:53):

And it's not like I could just, you know, be a guest on all the podcasts. And there's just, there's just a lot. There's so many and there's scheduling and everything. So I decided just to take it upon myself. I went to the, uh, shot some boy Mike Ke, I went to the guitar center and bought all the equipment needed, got all the top of the top of line stuff, and saw it as an investment, right? So here I am, and listen, my goal is to do this every Monday, every single Monday. If I like the way I see this. If I can't give you, if I can't give the world, if I, most importantly, if I can't give myself five to 10 minutes or however long I average around on each podcast, right of my day, four times a month, then I don't, I'm not hungry enough. 

Speaker 1 (03:45):

I don't want, uh, to, to share my testimony. I don't want to share my experience. I don't want to inspire people through my journey. If I can't do that and commit four times a month every Monday for an average of five to 10 minutes is, which is what I plan to do. But if I end up going over, then you know how they say, forgive me, rather than, well, what, how do they say it? What, what's Dre say? <laugh>. Uh, rather ask for forgiveness then for permission, right? So forgive me if I end up going over that and hopefully you guys like the little background music that I got going on. It's, you know, some chill vibes and everything, but overall, my name's eg. And I want to really, really welcome y'all and say thank you for, for being um, tuned in. Alright? So enough about me, man. 

Speaker 1 (04:40):

We're gonna get to know each other very, very, like close. And it's, it's funny cuz last week, last week I was, uh, I was having a conversation, I was getting a haircut and, and you know, my barber comes to the crib and everything. And so he was like, he was like, yo, how the, how did you, how did you end up, um, with these types of meetings? How, how do you end up with these types of meetings? Cause I, I spoke to him about meeting with Diddy, right? And, and, uh, his team and stuff. So this is all, by the way, like in the works, like I have meetings with different types of people, um, different teams, different camps. So this is nothing like I'm hiding or anything. There's receipts, there's emails, whatever. But the point of it is that he asked me how did I get to these meetings? 

Speaker 1 (05:30):

And I said, well, I just, I don't promote, I don't advertise anything of what I do whatsoever. Everything that I do is just word of mouth, like my service or the my, um, the results. It's just all word of mouth. It's always been, always has. And I just don't advertise. You'll never, you've never seen me post on my Instagram stories or made a tweet if, Hey, does anybody need an influencer campaign? Or, Hey, does, is anybody looking for, you know, know, marketing services? Never. And that's not to knock anybody that does do that. But I take real pride into, um, the work that I do. I'm very passionate about it. And again, people are like, well, what do you do for a living? <laugh>? I help people win, man. Whether it's your favorite artist, your favorite record label, your favorite brands, I just, I just want to keep winning. 

Speaker 1 (06:27):

And not only just in a business aspect of life of things, right? But I also wanna win in life. I want to win in like being a better human. And that's also what I want to touch on this podcast every single time. It's not just about the financial gain or the experience within like the business or entrepreneurship, which is what I, what I obviously what I, what I'm in. But also too is just being consistent with just understanding like how important your health is. Understanding like the, the how important it's to drink water every day as, as dumb as that may sound. But like, it, it all matters. And, and really just health is wealth man. And a lot of people don't really take that serious. Like I've, I've, I've really, really kind of become like a, like a systematic robot sort of where I've created all these habits. 

Speaker 1 (07:24):

They just, I kind of just do automatically. And by the way, when I share these things, it's not in an egotistical manner or anything like that. Cause I'm forever learning. I love learning, I love, I'm like a nerd. I like to, to learn a lot of different things. Deep dive into YouTube videos. And I swear I'd be researching stuff and I always like, I always be like, damn, I did not ever think about this. And I also didn't ever think about having a podcast. I swear for like two years. People would be saying, you should have a podcast. Cause you have so many things to talk about and all your success stories and rags to riches and, you know, coming from the mud and everything like that, which by the way, like, yo, like everybody sees all the, all the glitz and glamor and stuff. 

Speaker 1 (08:05):

But listen, I really came from zero. Like I'm from the ie. Like, I don't know if you guys even know where that is, but that's like in an area that's not really like popular. Nothing really comes out of there much. I mean, I did, but you know, I was born in LA but then, um, raised in the ie. Back and forth to LA Garden and stuff like that. But, um, I'm back in LA just because due to like, uh, clients and everything, that's just the nature of the business. But man, it's been a freaking journey. I'm gonna do my best not to cuss. Cause I, I don't want to like cut out a whole entire audience. So I'm gonna do my best to keep it kind of PG ish a little bit tiny bit. And dude, you just can't buy certain types of things. You can't buy relationships, you can't buy jour this type of journey. And it's something very special that I feel like there's a lot of people that are, are waiting to, to potentially hear like, yo, I feel that I went through that. I'm going through that right now. Like, I was in a warehouse years ago. I was in a warehouse 

Speaker 1 (09:19):

And I think, uh, I think like one of the times I was like this after party with like, some big names and I had to clock in like in two hours. So I only slept like an hour and a half. I think I slept in the parking lot 

Speaker 1 (09:38):

And people would be like laughing at me just kind of like, yeah, okay, yeah, you're gonna, you were where <laugh>. And I was like, look, here's the video, here's, here's the proof, right? And so they would just be like, what the heck? Like, what are you doing working here? And I'm like, well, I just, I'm, I'm working on it. I'm saving and eventually I'll be my own boss. Eventually I'll be able to decide whenever I wake up and not be a slave to the system. But I understood it. And, and it was, it was even a time that I worked two warehouse jobs. Two. So I slept, I remember, I remember this vividly. I slept like two, two hours and 45 minutes. And from one in the warehouse I would go to drive to the other warehouse, which I specifically applied and got hired on across the street. So I won't have to, um, like go home and change or do any of that extra travel, right? So, and this is all, this is crazy, right? Like that's how dedicated I was and that's how what inspired the name to name my company, hustle Division. I didn't know at the time what it was gonna be like specializing in marketing and influencers and making stuff hot. I didn't know that I was gonna do that absolutely at all whatsoever. But I did know 

Speaker 1 (10:59):

That it was gonna involve hustle in some form or fashion. That is what I did know. So I went from running the warehouse circuit, and by the way, that's when I learned the importance of feeding your body and the importance of eating your fruits and vegetables and drinking water and stuff. Like I figured I could hack my body to just, just barely like make it work to be able to get this type of, uh, workflow executed, right? So 

Speaker 1 (11:42):

Finally I reached the point that I didn't have to work anymore. I, I quit. And that was like one of the best days of my life. Best days of my life, man. And I'm, and if you're listening, man, if you're listening to this, I really hope my transparency, the fact that I'm being very open cuz I have nothing to hide. That's the thing about me, nothing to hide. This is all me. It's gonna match everything that you see. Fine. Ask around for industry, people, friends, whatever. Do your homework. I I, I don't have nothing to hide. I truly came from the mud and I'm proud of it. I I truly came from level ground zero. No rich parents, no people in the industry, no handouts, nothing. I, I got my ass, drove my ass an hour away almost every day just to be an intern at different places and was able to be walked into Capital Records in 2014. 

Speaker 1 (12:40):

And then from there I made a lot of amazing friendships that started, you know, the, the, the growth, which I call like my seeding phase. So it's been, it's been a, it's been a really interesting story like journey, story, um, just life. Life is just crazy. And overall with this podcast, I don't even, I haven't even timing this. I think I went over 10 average minutes, right? But I hopefully haven't lost your guys' attention. Regardless, look, this, I'm gonna commit to every single Monday, hopefully for the rest of my life to whenever I'm allowed to continue breathing, right? Um, every single Monday I'm gonna be uploading an episode and it's called Behind the Hustle. And it's gonna be like an audio journal for me. I really feel like this is gonna help me grow as a person, let go of things. And overall, like if I could inspire somebody that's working their ass off in a warehouse right now or working wherever, hustling, my point is, if you, if you are a hustler, if you work and you do whatever you gotta do to put food on the table and provide a roof over, over your head, over your family's head, it doesn't matter if you're not an entrepreneur, it doesn't matter if you're not driving a bend or whatever, it doesn't matter. 

Speaker 1 (14:11):

None of that matters. It only matters. What only matters is the fact that you have not given up and you continue to push through whatever your obstacles, whatever your struggles, whatever your troubles is, it doesn't matter. None of the extra shit matters. You don't have to have my type of story. You don't have to have my type of struggles. And I'm, and y'all, y'all are gonna continue learning a lot more about me cuz I already think I went over, I think I definitely went over the time, but I'm just, I'm before I let you guys go, again, my name's eg and I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to get to know me a little bit. And this is my episode, first ever episode of Behind the Hustle Nu Uno, right? Shout out to all my Latinos. Um, it's gonna be a crazy journey. I'm, and overall, man, I'm just gonna have fun with this. And hopefully we, we grow, we grow together and inspire some people. Man. That's, that's all, that's all really, really all I truly care about. Anything else is just extra. Anything else? I'm thankful. And we gonna keep winning, man. It's episode number one behind the hustle, eg. Peace and love, eye SAVs, peace, 

Speaker 1 (15:46):

All socials at e g, the Playmaker. This was behind the Hustle, episode one.