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Episode 2: Relationships

October 31, 2022 Geivon EG Cisneros Season 1 Episode 2
Episode 2: Relationships
Behind The Hustle Podcast
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Behind The Hustle Podcast
Episode 2: Relationships
Oct 31, 2022 Season 1 Episode 2
Geivon EG Cisneros

The importance of relationships, in business and life.

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The importance of relationships, in business and life.

Speaker 1 (00:03):

Behind the hustle, episode number two with EG the plant maker. All right, let's get straight to it, y'all episode. New middle, do Nu Middle Doss. Number two, we in a building back to it, really just trying to stay consistent and, and really do what I said I'm gonna do. Cuz I said I'm gonna be here every Monday once a week. That's four times a month. So that's what I'm gonna do. And this episode, I wanna talk about something that, that really changed my life and that is relationships.

Speaker 1 (00:46):

Relationships is, has been a huge key to a lot of things in my personal life and in my business life. Like professional career life, right? So relationships, man, like, and I'm not talking about romantic relationships, which that does also, I imply into that, but I'm more focused on in general, right? Like everybody knows. I'm sure you guys have heard also like, oh, it's about who you know. I feel like that's super, super true because there's been a lot of positions and situations that I've been in and if I swear like I, I give credit where, where credits do. So I'm the type where if like,

Speaker 1 (01:41):

I wouldn't be in a position if it wasn't for this person. I'm the type to give that, give them they flowers, like let them know like, yo, this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you. You know, that like without a doubt, like I always, I always have interviews and beyond panels and I speak about the AV brothers in a very, very big light because, and if you guys don't know who the Ivla Brothers is, they're, they're, um, they're Grammy award-winning, um, producers and songwriters for like Usher and all them. And just like co-founders of Dre Beat. So like they put me under they wing. Um, and they're the ones that actually walked me into Capital Records in 2014. And I know you, I know you guys mentioned, you guys heard me mention it from the last last podcast. Those were the people that put me on.

Speaker 1 (02:33):

Like, they didn't have to take me over there. I was interning, I was just trying to be of value, but because of that relationship that I built and I let them know that I'm here to be of value, to be used, to be utilized and not used in a bad way. Don't get into twisted when I say those types of things. I'm saying be of value, you know what I'm saying? Like truly understand the power of relationships cuz that alone changed my life. And this is, that's exactly like how I got here. I'm sure you guys have also heard like turn your network into your net worth. That's also a big play. Also something huge, huge. And your network is all relationships, <laugh>, you know what I'm saying? So it's like, and even, even in, you don't gotta, again, you don't gotta be an entrepreneur. You ain't gotta be a a, a singer or, or any type of position in the, in the entertainment industry.

Speaker 1 (03:41):

This could apply into regular stuff. Like in the warehouse where I came, well know where I used to be at. Like I had mentioned, I used to work at a, a couple warehouses and at one point I was working two, two full-time warehouse jobs at same time. Cause I was like just hustling, stacking up. And that's applicable there too as well, because some of the things that I wouldn't have been able to do is obviously at a job you get paid for your time. So with that being said, I was like, yo, if I'm gonna be here for eight hours, I'm gonna get the most I can. And if that means that I gotta like, move up or, or however, or stand out, that's cool. And I, and again, don't get it twisted like I'm saying, like, yo, this guy's going to saying to go kiss ass hell no. <laugh>

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Like, let me tell you something right now. I've never, ever, and I'm act I hate it when people do that, when people go and kiss ass about like, just to, just to move up. I hate that. And like I said, I'm trying to keep this, these, uh, podcasts episodes clean as as much as possible. But I, I don't, I don't promote that. But <laugh>, all I'm saying is it's being respectful goes a long way. All I'm saying is being on time goes a long way. All I'm saying is showing up in general goes a long way. You know how many events like I've been to, or networking opportunities that I've forced myself to go to, because I was, might've been like not mentally there. Um, I I might've been exhausted. I might've been, um, just going through something, right? But I'm like, nah, like I gotta push through this, this, this situation is not bigger than my dream.

Speaker 1 (05:43):

This battle, this struggle is not bigger than my hunger for this dream that I want to do for this next level that I want to achieve, right? And so when I get to these events or these networking opportunities, like I'm there to perform. I'm there to perform and I say perform not like a show, like an artist or something I'm saying to perform and express and show my energy that it's genuine to be able to connect and make relationships and which again, relationships is the key to a whole lot of things. And it's changed my whole life When I was at that warehouse job and I, I did the sim a lot of simple things, man, A lot of common sense, a lot of logic. I ain't never kissed ass. I just did the job. And because I never missed, I was always on time.

Speaker 1 (06:31):

I was always respectful. I never acted out of emotion. You know, like there was a time like they're like, oh, it was like a holiday or something, right? And it's like, oh, well everybody gotta stay like two hours overtime or something, or not, you know, you don't gotta because it's like illegal to tell people that, but they was really going not like you if you didn't stay type of vibe. You know what I'm saying? So all my people that work in those types of jobs, you know, you know what kind of pressure I'm talking about. So I would be like, sayles, no problem. Never even questioned it. Never even made them feel like I'm, I'm questioning. And yeah. Did I, did I feel away? Of course I did a couple times I did. You know, cause I'd be like, damn, I'm tired. I'm trying to go home, or I'm trying to go do something else, or like, whatever the case, right?

Speaker 1 (07:14):

But they needed the help. They needed, they needed people to depend on. And because of that, I built a character of like, depend a dependable person. That person is like really someone that we could trust we could depend on. And that shows a lot of character, right? So that gave me a really great relationship with like the managers and the supervisors and stuff like that. And before I knew it, I was already like moving up because of that. So it was never about no kissing ass type of vibes. It was always about just the relationship and just doing all these little things. And it's the same thing that I do now. I just treat people with respect. I do what I gotta do, but I never kiss as. So that's not what we talk about. Always, always, always. Just pay attention to the little things.

Speaker 1 (08:10):

And if you're trying to do whatever, like just understand relationships is a game changer. It, it, it don't matter what you gotta be or you trying to be in life. Like that's applicable everywhere. Like I'm telling you, everywhere, everywhere I've been, it's a huge thing. Even when I get hooked up with things, like it's all because of the relationship. Like, damn, I gotta go to arena and, and and being like a, a

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box suit, seat seating and whatever. Like all outta love because of my relationships, because of the years of the time, the respect that I've put in into my brand, into my name. You know what I mean? Like, there's so many perks, so many things that I'm, I'm able to get and receive and, and experience because of the relationships that I've built. You know what I'm saying? And I know I'm not talking about none of this.

Speaker 1 (09:10):

I'm, I'm not talking about no romantic type of relationship, but lightly touching on that, that's also so important because the person you're with is a reflection of yourself. So I really hope if you are in a relationship, you really are choosing somebody that's going to help you level up and understand the type of vision you, you, you have and support that. You know what I mean? On top of that, look at the people around you, look at your friends. If those, if those relationships are not like people again, that wanna see you win, that want better for you, that are gonna be there to understand to, to, to at least help or talk about how to become better, then I, I probably, I probably change up those relationships. I probably consider reevaluating your relationships in all departments. You know what I'm saying? Like, one of the, one of the people that I really, really have a lot of respect for is my man Steve LaBelle.

Speaker 1 (10:17):

And I'm, I'm gonna give you guys, when I mention these characters, right? Every, all these people I call, everybody's a character in this, uh, <laugh> in this life, this game of life, right? I'm a character too, like everybody. So I'm gonna give you guys like a light background. So Steve LaBelle is a, a iconic, legendary manager. He, he knows a lot of, uh, he has a lot of experience years like working with legends, Tupac, biggie, you know, managed Nipsey hustle. So he's someone that a lot of people would love to get ahold of and, and speak with and do some sort of business with, right? And I'm thankful to be able to call him a really, really good friend of mine and a and a really good business partner of mine's. Like, you know, we've, we've traveled and done some amazing things. We've ama we've shared some amazing stories and I got a lot of love for him.

Speaker 1 (11:12):

So shout out to Steve LaBelle. But with him, I remember when I was a little fish, I always, I would say I was a little fish because when I was running around doing, being an intern, I would see him on the red carpets. I would see him behind the scenes, like just big plays, big plays. I'm like, yo, this guy's the man. This guy's the man. And I always be like, one day I'm gonna work with him. And I never bothered him. And I, and I'm talking about years, it went like four years that I would just continuously see him grinding and just being around superstars. Just, I was like, y'all want to be like that? I want to have the type of respect that man has right there because a lot of people respect him. A lot of people really truly got a lot of love for him, right?

Speaker 1 (12:00):

And so the crazy thing about manifestation, right? It's like now we fast forward, like actually just seen him yesterday at this Halloween event. And um, you know, he met my, he met my girlfriend or whatever and, and like we were just chilling or whatever. Like, it's like, it's just vibes. Like, and I was thinking like, I was looking at the views of the Hollywood Hills event. Like it was, the event was at a Hollywood Hills house mansion type of vibe. And, um, I was just kind of self-reflecting like, damn, damn, I remember when I wanted him to be, uh, someone in my life. And now like he is, you know what I'm saying? Like, it

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was just crazy. Like, to me to have that type of relationship, it means a lot. It shows me that anything is,

is possible and he's a great person, great people, great people, you know.

Speaker 1 (12:54):

So I'm, I'm really happy that I'm able to call him a friend, you know, and I'm really happy that I'm able to have him involved in not only my business life, but in my personal life, like meeting my girlfriend and, and like just talking about his family and just doing real things. Having real conversations, healthy conversations for your, for your, for your heart, you know, for your soul, for your spirit. Like we've had some amazing conversations and to bring up another character transitioning, uh, Tony Yeyo from G Unit and that's 50 cents right hand man since from the hood, like from way back man, this guy, I was actually introduced to him by Steve Lobell and I grew up listening to 50 cent. You know, I grew up listening to one of the most like, iconic of, you know, rap artists of the two thousands or whatnot, right?

Speaker 1 (13:55):

So this guy's even still to this day a beast cuz he's transitioned into the film industry and power and, and a whole lot of other stuff. But I got really close with Tony Yeyo and I'm able to call him now a friend and you know, he introduced me to 51st, first hand, first basis, like type of vibe. And so being able to be around these people is amazing. It's just like, what the heck is going on? Cuz I, I trip out cuz where my background was from is from, I came from level zero. Like I told you, I'm gonna keep it raw and uncut with you unfiltered. I came from nothing, bro. Like, nobody was there. Try to help me. Like as far as like in my, in my rookie days, I'm, I, I started from nothing, man. So I'm really, to this day, I be giving the credit all the time. So Tony, um, he invited me out. You know, we, this is one of our, one of our great moments that we've had. Um, we went to Vegas, right? Las Vegas, 50 cent G unit. Everybody's there for fifty's birthday and um, it's at Dre's, it was at Dre's nightclub.

Speaker 1 (15:13):

And I remember this because this was like a full circle moment for me just because I, I really like hustler's ambition. It's a, it's a song that 50 made and that song is just crazy. Been there for me in a lot of different times, uh, like during the hustle, you know what I mean? Like just wild. I'm in the section, Tony's right there with me and I'm there because of Tony, strictly because of Tony. So I'm, I'm in the section. We went, you know, we, we just finished walking through the kitchen in the back of the, the club through, through the whole thing, v i p or whatnot. And I'm watching 50 perform in the club. And you know, in the lyrics he's like, go shorty, it's your birthday. We're going party. Like it's your birth, right? And it's, we're all here because it's his actual birth date. We're literally like, <laugh>. Isn't that like, to me, I was like, I cannot believe I'm here with one of the biggest artists in the world. And he's singing a song where he is like, it's your birthday and it's, it's literally his birthday <laugh>. I thought that was crazy. So again, I would've never ever been there because if it wasn't for the relationships,

Speaker 1 (16:36):

You know what I'm saying? Like point blank period. So again, I want to focus, I want y'all to focus on the, the power of relationships. Really, truly understand the power of that. And I hope everything that I'm sharing with you, my stories, every single week of whatever topic it's gonna be that it does connect, it does relate in some form or fashion and you're able to apply it to your life. Because I'm just here trying to spit some game, trying to tell you guys what the real vibes are. I'm not here trying to be cool. I'm not here trying to drop names. I'm not here to like, I'm better than No hell no. I'm just here to tell you, I'm just like you. I bleed just like you. I breathe the same air just like you. And anything is possible in

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relationships is one of the key things that's changed my life. And I really hope you apply it to yours. This is eg the playmaker. This is behind the hustle. Episode number two. We gonna stay consistent with it. We're gonna stay dedicated. I'm gonna keep my word and we gonna keep going. It was a pleasure to be with y'all once again, rocking with y'all.

Speaker 1 (18:13):
Until next time, baby. See you guys next Monday. Alright, peace and love. This was behind the hustle

with EG the Playmaker, episode number two.