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Episode 4: Passion

November 14, 2022 Geivon EG Cisneros Season 1 Episode 4
Behind The Hustle Podcast
Episode 4: Passion
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Passion, one of the strongest ingredients to success and happiness.

Speaker 1 (00:01):

This is Behind the Hustle hosted by e g, the Playmaker. Episode number four. Episode number four. This is, this is gonna be an interesting episode just because the topic that I chose, it truly covers a lot of areas from, again, life to your career to whatever type of business you're trying to start, whatever type of business you are in. I feel like this is applicable into a little bit into all of them. And the topic of this episode is passion.

Speaker 1 (00:51):

And I want to, I wanna start off by reading the definition of passions. So just so we're on the same page and everybody understands the true definition of passion. So it's a noun. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love or as hate, strong feeling or desire, love, affection, strong sexual desire, lust, an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire. There's a lot of sexual stuff going on right there, but <laugh>, but you know what I'm saying. Passion is like very intense. It sounds like, it sounds like it's very strong, very intense in a lot of different departments and areas. So the reason why I chose passion is because for me, I feel like that fuels you to not give up because you care that much about whatever it is that you are getting into. Um, starting and of course relating this into a business perspective. Cuz the way that I do this podcast, I really want to just give you like life hacks, business hacks, and not, not like on some Excel type of shit. I'm talking about like things that you can use in those meetings. Things that you can use

Speaker 1 (02:32):
During conversations to help leverage and bring clarity and understanding that you are the best in the

room. That, that you are the best to fit that role,

Speaker 1 (02:46):

That you stand out and that they should choose you. You know what I'm saying? Cause I've been there. And passion, passion honestly is one of the biggest things that has fueled literally like every move because I, I feel like with without passion, I wouldn't, I would just give up. Like whenever I get hit with a storm or I get hit with a project that I just, I just don't understand or it's like I'm having a rough day. Like, to be honest, today, today, Monday was the 14th, Monday the 14th, November 14th, I'm over here kind of just, I was low key stressing about some, uh, some, some items that actually sample items that we're supposed to have for future the rapper, recording artist's future. And regardless, because I am passionate about making, making shit happen, I'm passionate about doing cool stuff with do with cool people.

Speaker 1 (03:47):

I'm making it happen. Figuring out a way to not have any sort of mistakes or glitches or, um, errors on those items, right? But my point is, whenever you have passion present in somebody, like when I choose people on my team, when I choose people to put 'em on projects, I really, really, really kind of, I view, I review the resumes and stuff. Like of course I see the experience and stuff like that, which is great, but if, if they don't have that passion, it's like they kind of don't give a fuck. You know? It's like they don't care.

Speaker 1 (04:32):

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Like, I need you to care. I need you to love this. I need you to, whatever you you do, I need you to love it. Absolutely love it and be intensely infatuated by it. Because if you don't care about what you do, then it's like, what are we doing? Like if, if I don't, if I'm not passionate about setting up the plays and making, uh, successful projects, that's going to f like you're gonna feed off of that. You're gonna be able to feel that, you'll be able to see like this guy eg, just talking all this nonsense. Like sort of like he fake or he a hypocrite. He, he talk about all this passion, but last week I seen him stressing and about something he didn't really care about. If he cared about it, he would've figured it out. You know what I'm saying? But it, but when it's, when it's the things that I do care about and I'm invested into, like, I'm for sure running it up, I'm, I'm gonna be trying my best to try to figure it out to make it happen. And that's what I want to have present with the people that are around me too. Like if you're the dopest, um, I don't know, designer, right? Graphic designer, I, I, I want you to be passionate about that shit. I need you to be like, this is what I live, breathe, and eat and shit. And do you know,

Speaker 1 (06:00):

If you're like, I don't know the, uh, if I'm looking to hire like the most best forklift operator at this warehouse or something, like I need, I need to see that passion like that you actually enjoy, understand the mechanics behind the forklifts and how they operate and what type of uh, what type of brands and stuff like, you know, and it's probably like, it's not, you're probably like eg, it's not that serious. What do you mean? You know, these type of brands like, uh, <laugh>, I'm just saying like examples right now. Like,

Speaker 1 (06:38):

Because if I were to choose a best forklift operator, I'm gonna go with whoever's passionate about it. Like some people really truly love that. They really enjoy like driving the forklifts and you know, sometimes they doing tricks and all that, which is totally not okay on the workplace, but <laugh>, but, uh, I only know cause I was there like I was there like that. I, I thought that was pretty tight, you know what I mean? But, uh, the passion is what drives a lot of things. The passion is what makes things happen in the storm, during the storm, during the hard times, during the dark times. Passion is sometimes all I had when I was really depressed, like when the world felt dark to me. I was going through some things like last year around the same time and I was just like, I would pray a lot, you know, I'd meditate a lot. I would just kind of ask myself if I'm not gonna be in this industry or this, uh, this career choice,

Speaker 1 (07:54):

What, what else? I was asking myself, what else am I passions about? About what else do I like? Cause I'm not, I don't want to do no temporary type of vibes. I don't wanna do anything temporary in my life. I want to just go all in or nothing. I'm a all, all or nothing type of guy, right? And the, I, I couldn't really think about anything else that I was genuinely passionate about. Aside from doing what I do now, which is just being a playmaker, running a whole company, having touch, having uh, my hands touching different type of projects with big names, with special people that do special dope things. You know,

Speaker 1 (08:38):

That's really where I see like myself in. And I, I, I wasn't gonna settle and go and play myself and just go in a circle. Like if I were to just quit this whole thing, I would've gone and done something else that I really don't love, not passionate about. And guess what would've happened? I would've just got, got my ass right back, found my ass right back over here because the passion wouldn't be driving me. The

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passion would be driving me to be back and I would just look goofy <laugh> in that case. I'd be like, damn, this guy doesn't know what he wants. But, and, and I know there's some people that's gone through that. I'm just joking when I say like, it's goofy or nothing, I'm just hard on myself. But if that's the type of journey you gotta take to figure out what you don't like and what you do like, then that's, that's great because you out, you are at least going in the positive direction, in a active direction, a productive direction rather than just getting lost at the, uh, you know, the, at the temporary reroute. You, you feel what I'm saying?

Speaker 1 (09:49):

So that's, that's why to me, passion is just like so, so important, man. Even, even in your relationships, like you gotta care bro. You gotta care about all this, everything you do when you wake up, you got to do shit that you really care about. Like don't get a pet if you don't really care to have a pet. I seen a few people

Speaker 1 (10:16):

And you probably heard, you probably got some friends too there, but like, oh, they just got an animal for clout or they just got this dog just, just because for like two weeks and now they don't even care about it now they mistreated or now they, uh, don't really make it treated like so special, right? And it's, it's not they mistreated like they hit it or nothing like that. I'm just saying like they don't act as they were when they were cute and fluffy and everything the first two weeks or month, right? So it's like, so what did you really get this for? What did you really make this decision for? If you're not passionate or caring or loving or intensely infatuated invested into it, right? I just see those, I say that as an example. It's like you guys probably have the same type of friend or seen somebody that is in that similar scenario and you kinda just wonder man, like damn that was just like a temporary type of love, temporary type of thing. But it's like when you wake up, just try to try to make your choices based on like long term vibe. The passion's gonna what keep it's gonna be what keeps you there. Because when you, when you're showing that like that brings out genuine energy

Speaker 1 (11:33):

Which compliments other areas in your life, in your work life and everything, compliments genuine, real, um, again, that you just actually care. And that's really like something that is applicable to everything in, in life. Again, like I just don't understand the people that um, choose to do things that they don't really care about. And I know sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, which I'm all for that. But as long as you have a long term play, a long term vision, you know, you see a finish line, then yeah. Like I'm all for fighting in the storm, understanding that I gotta go through, through this little trial right here through this, through this dark time because I do see and understand there is a light at the end. There is a finish line at the end. So if it's a part of the plan, that passion is gonna fuel you right through that with no problem. So just whatever you do, make sure that you're passionate about it cuz you gonna get it done with that. Buy yourself. That's the thing. Buy yourself. You won't have to rely on anybody. That's the beautiful thing about that. When you got passion inside of you, it doesn't matter how, how you going <laugh>. Like what's in the way, the biggest wall you gotta climb, you know, whoever you gotta go and, and handle business with. However you gotta speak in that meeting.

Speaker 1 (13:19):
However, you gotta pass that type of, uh, college test course or exam. Like if you're trying to be a doctor

or whatever. I know, I know they, I'm, I'm understanding they do a lot of exams and everything. The

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people that are passionate about being doctors and stuff, they become to be the best doctors in the

world, right? And they be and they be putting in the work, putting in the effort.

Speaker 1 (13:45):

It's the same thing. They only did that because they are truly in love with what they do, with what they chose to do with they life. And that brings happiness and that brings whole full circle wholesome situation. Which again, like I mentioned, that's felt that scene and sort of like a ripple effect. It's like your aura, your aura is just so genuine of what you do. Cuz if you're not happy with what you're doing, you gonna be rubbing off people like different vibes. That's where the miscommunication comes in through energy. You know what I'm saying? So again, whatever you decide to do tomorrow, tomorrow's Tuesday, Tuesday the 15th. Just make sure, just make sure you're passionate about it. Whatever career you're choosing. If you don't know it yet, that's fine. Do some market research, try things out. You're gonna figure out what you like, what you dislike, but it's okay. It's, it's, it's gonna be okay as long as you're passionate about finding what your passion is and then when you find it, you be, you be ripping and running for real. Trust me, I I was there. I've been there once again, it's a pleasure to talk to y'all every single Monday. I was a little late uploading this today cuz uh, my Mondays are sort of kind of packed cause everybody's back in the office and everything and hollering at me for what's the update.

Speaker 1 (15:27):

But it's okay. <laugh>. It's okay cuz I love what I do and I'm not fitting be an old hypocrite. I love what I do and I'm gonna deliver, I'm gonna do what I said every single Monday you guys. I'll be here with y'all rocking with y'all. This is behind the hustle, episode number four. Peace and love all socials at eg. The playmaker behind the hustle.