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Episode 5: Thankful

November 21, 2022 Geivon EG Cisneros Season 1 Episode 5
Behind The Hustle Podcast
Episode 5: Thankful
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The power of being thankful and using it to manifest your next levels. Learn my 3 step of manifestation that starts off with step one, being thankful.

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Behind the hustle with eg the Playmaker. Episode

Speaker 2 (00:09): Number five.

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Episode number five, single big sinco. That's half a 10. That's a pretty important number. Sort of, it's like halfways of uh, a little milestone, you know? So we here every single Monday. So again, I wanna appreciate, I'm gonna say thank you guys and appreciate y'all for always, um, tuning in. If this is your fifth time in the row rocking with me, or this is your first time because you just discovered me for however reason. But

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This topic I wanna talk about, some of you probably guessed it. Thankful. The word thankful. Being thankful. I know it's the holiday season. It's November 21st, Monday, Thanksgiving week. So happy, uh, Thanksgiving to everyone and happy holidays or whatever you celebrate. And hopefully that you guys are, you know, doing something that you love. Spending time with people that you love. And sometimes those don't mean to have to be a family or people of In of Blood, but they could be friends, they could be your, your pets, you know what I mean? Like whatever that makes you happy. It's just, uh, it's uh, it's gonna be to those a very bright week and to those a very dark week, cuz I understand the holidays a little rough and I've been there, I feel you. Um, certain holidays I've spent alone, many times spent alone. Sometimes I go and spend my time with, uh, some of my immediate friends and I'm literally, I've been literally the, like the outsider of a whole entire family.

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So, happy holidays to everyone. Thanksgiving week is here. So we're gonna talk about thankful. Being thankful, and that's expressing gratitude and relief, right? Um, and I want to, I want to, I want to mention how, uh, I kind of like express my thankfulness. I meditate, I pray, I focus, whatever you wanna call it. You know, I don't wanna be all religious and stuff cuz I respect what everybody's beliefs, especially in religious beliefs and stuff. So I wanna share how I pray, like the steps of how I pray and I express my thankfulness. I do this every day, by the way. Uh, most of the time I do it in the sauna cause that's like the only time I'm able to not touch my phone. <laugh> like my phone be ringing, it stays buzzing just with running a company, right? So in the, in the sauna is like my, one of my very, how could I say, non busy moments cuz my phone would just overheat and it's off. There's no going back and no one gonna be able to reach me. So, and I know like, eg, why are you taking the phone in the sauna? It's gonna mess up. I don't know, it's just, just what I do. Whatever. But I gotta not do that possibly. Um, so the first, the first out of the three, right?

Speaker 1 (03:25):

I first start off my meditation, prayer focus, right? My prayer starts off with the first step is thinking, being thankful, expressing my thankfulness, my gratitude towards a few, like, few positive things. Like, um, I'm thankful for love, I'm thankful for the blessings that's been going on currently in my life. So I express, I just express to the universe, Hey man, I'm thank, I'm thankful like for these things. I'm thankful for waking up today. Like I'm thankful for being healthy because I know before anything at all, any type

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of ask, you gotta, you gotta express where you're at currently. You gotta understand where you're at currently cuz then you're not gonna understand what to ask for or what to manifest. You get what I'm saying? So that's why first step is me. This is something that I kind of just created myself. So my first step in prayer is like expressing that I'm thankful just for the current item situation, place that I'm at.

Speaker 1 (04:36):

So I I just say, Hey, I'm thankful for these things. Thank you for, for all these things that are happening in my life. The positive things obviously, right? And then step two, I focus on forgiveness because I can, I don't feel, I don't feel right asking for something or preparing myself to ask for something. If not only one. I understand my current situation. And two, I don't ask for forgiveness for the mistakes I've made cuz it's kind of like you're just asking for stuff but you ain't gonna talk about your wrongs. You know, you can't, you can't gain positivity with, uh, understanding the negativity. You won't understand what's positive, you don't understand what's negative. Just like you won't know what darkness is without seeing light. So that's why number two, step number two for me is I focus on forgiveness and I ask for forgiveness to myself like with others. You know, just again, it sort of like would go along the lines of I pray forgiveness for, for forgiveness in my sins and negativity that I've potentially placed out out into the world. Um, I asked for forgiveness into anything negative overall that I initiated, that I activated that I did.

Speaker 1 (06:09):

But most importantly I asked for forgiveness for myself. Now that's very important because some people like myself, um, can tend to be very hard on each other, on yourself, on ourselves, right? I'd be very hard on myself. I feel like that's just part of being a perfectionist and a creative and all that. And just like running a business and being an entrepreneur and just being a shark and just wanting to be always on point. But it's very important to understand and being able to forgive yourself because people could forgive you all day. They can move on with they life and they good. But if you don't process that and then forgive yourself too on top of that, you're really never gonna be able to move on into the next level of space, into, into your new blessings. So that's why step number two is when I ask for forgiveness. So just to make sure you guys are not lost, step number one is my expression of being thankful for all the positive things. Step number two is my focus on forgiveness to others, to anything that I've activated into the world, sent out to the world and most importantly to myself.

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Step number three, the final step is when I mention a few things in present that, uh, that I want

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That I pray for, things that I wanna manifest. And those things, it's very important that you, again, this is something that I made up so you don't have, you could add your own twist, but I feel like it's very important that when I ask for something, I always mention and speak in a, um, um, how could I say it? What is it like it's coming from we, from us, not just a single person for myself. Cuz I feel like that's selfish. So when I pray, when I manifest, I manifest for the world. I speak in terms of for the world. And, and I think that's just coming from me being um, me, me wishing best for everybody, right? Because there's some people that might be battling some, some things right now that we don't, don't know

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about. And that's kind of me just throwing, throwing some good energy to them, some good prayers, some good manifestation type of vibe. So whenever I do pray, I pray and like an example, I pray for clarity. I pray you give us clarity. I pray you give us love. I pray for understanding. I pray you give us understanding of things, of situations. I always pray in those terms of us. We the people give the people peace. Give us peace. Cuz it's not just about you, it's not just about me.

Speaker 1 (09:42):

I feel like it's, it's a much stronger message. I personally feel like it's a much stronger message when it's coming in that manner of we us the people together. Unity. I feel like that's strong. I feel like that's important. At least it's important to me and that's how I do it. So those are the three steps of how I express my thankfulness and I meditate and I pray and I manifest. So again, to whatever God you, um, look up to or whatever type of energy or universe or galaxy or baby Yoda or whatever it is that helps you to write and just be a better human being, then do that. Cuz that's all that is. It's the finish line that matters. It's the execution that matters. No one cares about the middle. No one cares about what you're doing, what you've been through. Everybody cares about the results, the execution, the, the, the, the, the ending, right? The action. Everyone cares about actions.

Speaker 1 (10:59):

So I wanted to really express that and I wanted to let you guys know that it's, it's very, it's helped my whole being of life. Like even when I have big meetings or big situations like projects coming up, I ask and I pray and I manifest for those things, for tools, for tours, for tools that I may need in that time, in that present time to be able to accomplish and execute and continue leveling up. It's something really dope that I feel like I've done and it's a cool system that I do. And if you, if you do try it, please like let me know DME or send me um, a post or, or tag me in your post or whatever. I'll repost reach out to me. I want to hear your stories. So again, these are all just like tools for you to still make action

Speaker 1 (11:48):

To opportunities and have those opportunities serve to its highest potential. So I never ever asked for, I never pray for or ask for things, just results. Like I ask for the tools to make that result. You get what I'm saying? I ask for the opportunity to get in there and battle and have actions to give me my result. I don't just be like, Hey, I just want a Lambo, or Hey, I just want two benzos. Like no, like I ask for the give me the give me the client give, I pray for the client the opportunity to have a client, to gain a client. I pray for the opportunity and manifest the opportunity to be able to do this type of workflow that's going to bring you this type of amount of income to be able to make these certain steps to gain a bends or however, whatever it is that you're, you know, that you're trying to gain as an item.

Speaker 1 (12:48):

Whether it's an item or um, level up your new home or whatever the case, right? So those are, those are some, this is a pretty cool process flow that I wanted to share with y'all. And then also just being able to do what you love for a living. Being able to do what you love in general, right? Cuz you might be so busy that you forget how to do things and that, that you just, you just, you know, we don't, we forget to live in the moment and I'm really thankful to be able to like have a lot of times to just stop what I'm doing cuz I'm able to do that due to my schedule. Like I run my own schedule, I run my own life. So I'm, I'm extremely thankful for that to be able to stop and pause at any time. And if I want to just order a milkshake or do something crazy, like I could do it.

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So I'm thankful for that. If I'm, I'm thankful for that, just being able to stop and focus and breathe and enjoy and smile and do do whatever it is. If I want to go play PS five, like, or if I want to go for a walk, I'm thankful to be able to have the opportunity, those choices, you know what I'm saying? Like thankful for being, being able to have a beautiful home, beautiful car dog. But I also understand it can all be gone because tomorrow's never promised. And I want to, that, that brings me to this other technique that I do. And it's like, I, I don't know, I don't have a term for it, but it's, it's like mind pictures and it's like a, an emotional photo of a memory. A time capturing every element that you felt in that specific time. Like I remember some of my darkest moments, I have a vivid picture, timestamp, memory, like energy, feeling photo in in my soul, in my heart that this was the moment that I wanted to give up at this moment. I wanted to stop everything. And I took that picture and I take those pictures and I kind of just carry them with me.

Speaker 1 (15:06):

And when I reach a new present day and I, when I reach a new problem or a new growing pain, I go back and I look at those pictures and they help me to understand and be thankful that I'm not there any longer. That I grew from that dark place that I grew from. That Polaroid picture of such a dark and nasty negative messed up feeling. You, y'all know what I'm saying? Like I have these pictures, it's like a collection of pictures of pain, suffering and loneliness

Speaker 1 (15:51):

And just kind of like growing pain pictures, right? And I always tell myself I'm never gonna go back to that. I'm, do whatever it takes to not go back to those pictures and make positive pictures, make different type new memories. Cuz those memories are negative. But I use those to motivate myself. I use those to refer back and be like, this is never gonna happen again. So try that next time, try that and use that next time for your own motivation and, and being able to, to see like, damn, I remember being back there felt like nothing. But again, that's like part of being thankful cuz you understand what it is to be in the darkness and now you appreciate the light. And so that all brings me down to also saying thank you. Like people say thanks. And just real quick, I feel like there's, there's a way better way to say that. And the proper way I feel is like, thank you for doing this. Cause a lot of times people can just just pass right through that, right? So I've been learning to say, instead of saying thanks real quick, I've been learning to say,

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Hey thank you for washing the dishes for me. Hey, thank you for, you know, holding it down in the basketball game. Like being specific creates a like a memory moment for that other person receiving that. And it makes them feel, truly makes them feel what you're trying to express. Cuz everybody says thanks. It's just like a, like a blur. It's real so quick. It's just almost like nothing. And even though you didn't mean it, you don't, you don't, don't mean it like that. It's sometimes received like that, it's just so quick. But when you, when you go the extra little couple seconds that it takes for you to say what you're actually thankful for, it makes a difference. Psychologically makes a difference. So just try it out next time and see their expression. See how they take it, see how you take it. Notice like truly notice that it's a thing <laugh> because cuz I do it and I notice <laugh>. You know what I mean? So I wanna wrap this up. I wanna say thank you guys for listening. Thank you guys for giving me your time. And I really, really hope that you guys are taking, um, anything that makes your life better. Anything that helps you guys move levels up into your career path, into this game of life. And just win.

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Just win. Y'all know what I'm saying? So thank you guys for, for always, um, being there every Monday and um, I'm gonna see you guys again. Happy holidays. Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much. If you got a plate, send me over a plate. Y'all know what the vibes are. It's easy. The playmaker y'all. Thank you guys. Peace all socials at eg. The Playmaker. This is behind the hustle. Episode number five.