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Episode 6: Organization

November 29, 2022 Geivon EG Cisneros Season 1 Episode 6
Behind The Hustle Podcast
Episode 6: Organization
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They say success is when preparation meets opportunity. Let me tell you how being organized within my life and workspace has helped me make those opportunities golden.


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EG the Playmaker. Episode

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Speaker 1 (00:17): Episode number six.

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Number six. Good morning. Thank you guys for tuning in once again. And first off, I'm a little late, a tiny bit late. I'm, I am 10 hours late cuz I'm uploading this on a Tuesday at 10:00 AM and I know I said I upload on Mondays at a random time, so I'm working on that. But only because, only because it's not an excuse, just letting you know what's going on. Thanksgiving weekend was very, very long extended for me. I got really fat and was eating a lot of food as always, but the more than the usual type of amount of food. So I was in slow motion anyways, I hope you guys ate a lot of amazing food too and did whatever that made you happy and stuff over the long extended weekend. Um, it's Tuesday, the means it's Taco Tuesday and I gotta stop talking about food because I think I'm just hungry at this point. Look, this episode I wanna focus on the word of organization, the power of organization, everything that has to do with organization. And you're probably like, yo, eg of course, obviously I know what that means. I know the benefits. Well I just wanna share with you how it's changed my life and how it's gotten me to do what I love for a living and how I'm able to do a lot of a lot of things and make it look like I'm everywhere and I have a clone and a teleport machine.

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<laugh>, so organization, right? Like first off, let's start with your home and your workspace. Like your home and your workspace is a reflection of your mental potential level of clarity. Like straight up, if like for example, I I, my house like, and a lot of my friends come over, influencers, creators come over like a lot of my business friends come over, they come over and they're like, yo, your house is all organized. Like I got the like sharpies and an organizer tray on the magnet. On the fridge. I got like a banana hanger. So like nothing is on the, um, on the actual table. I got a towel hanger for the paper towels. That's like everything's hanging. So my point is, is that if I eliminated everything that was on the ground or on the floor or the tabletop, I have clarity, I have space. I don't have nothing that is in the way that I have to maneuver and move around at any times.

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So that's less thinking process. And a lot of people they like, they see like my stock of um, like for example, if toilet paper runs out, I'll have a full stock always. Like I just keep everything in count. It's sort of, and I learned that back in the day, like when I was at a, at a warehouse in my warehouse days, I was

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doing like inventory. So I learned inventory there. Like I just became a master at Excel sheets and inventory counting, right? But I use that now to my advantage where it's like if like I just don't, I can't afford any time to think about where something's at or did I run out of something or am I about to run outta something and why is this here? Or also have y'all ever lost y'all car keys? Like ever lost your car keys or the remote or something like that?

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Well, in my house it's very difficult to lose those types of things. Like very difficult just because it's very like modern. If you seen like pictures on my Instagram, which is at eg the playmaker by the way, like you'll see like, um, it's very all white and modern type of vibe and there's not a lot of things in the house, but everything that you need is in the house. You know, it's kind of hard to explain, but it's very like open and spacious. You could tell where things are at. It's very organized. Like I got the, the PS five controllers, like the way that they're all set up to charge and it's an own category. Like the point of this is if your home is a mess, your mental is gonna be a mess cuz you're waking up to a mess subconsciously gonna be already stressed.

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Like, damn, I can't even find my belt to get ready for work or to get ready to do whatever. You know what I'm saying? Like, and it's the same thing for your workspace. Like if you're at your workspace, you can't even find, um, a certain type of color pen. You're looking for the red pen to start xing out stuff. You can't find it because you're not organizer. You're not being, um, how can I say, like neat in bringing clarity to your workspace. You know what I mean? Like it's just, it's just like so, so helpful when the small things add up to the bigger picture.

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Very, very helpful. It brings so much clarity to me. I, I don't have any kids, but I have a dog and my home usually the only mess for the most part. If it's not me going on a munchi run, it's usually Lola's toys and Lola's my, that's my puppy's name. So her toys are like usually like all over the place. Sometimes she has like six toys and I'll mess around. Like I'll be walking around and I'll step on one and I accidentally think immediately that I stepped on her foot or something like that. Which is very rare. Like I, I think I've only done that once on accident cause she was like behind me when I was washing dishes. But that's about the only type of like worst case scenario mess. Like to me I gotta, I gotta have no time to think about anything else but my goals and tasks that day.

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And it's, it's that alone has like got me and hyper focus and has been able to just get me in my confidence mode in my zone to where I'm just getting stuff done back to back. Like it's so to cuz I'm in my zone and I'm just like, damn, I really got five things done in like an hour. That would've took four hours or three hours usually if I, if I wasn't um, prepared, if I wasn't organized. Cuz everybody knows successes when preparation meets opportunity and a lot of opportunities for me as an entrepreneur, it just pops outta nowhere. It just be coming outta nowhere. Left field and everything. Like I'm just trying to really, really not miss any opportunity. Make as many shots as I can. And the only way I'm gonna do that is by being prepared and organized. Right. And another thing too that being organized comes with is you're able to do like a lot more passion projects.

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You, you, because you have the time. Like if you're not organized, you won't be able to have the time to spend, um, extra time with your kids and stuff. I know a lot of my entrepreneur friends, they, that's a real big thing. You know, family's a big thing, so they make time for, for their kids and, and being an entrepreneur, the the hours is crazy. It can be crazy and the time for family time is, is very minimal. So with me, I don't have kids, but I do have things that I like to do. And I know that it's very important to balance work and personal. So I did this, uh, blue hoodie project and uh, I'm organized with that because I have a, a stash box in the trunk of my, um, both cars. So I, I have different sizes and the purpose of that is I, I, I made a, I invested about like $5,000 into, um, a baby blue hoodie and has a dove with, uh, with a heart on in the eye, in the eye slot.

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So that's like my mascot, my logo, it's a, it's a dove, just a, I decided to, to use a dove for my company because it symbolizes like purity. Um, it's free, it's love, you know, it's just, it's like a positive symbolic, uh, logo sy symbol, you know, to me that's what what it means. Um, along with a lot of other cool things. So it was just like a, like a good, a good move for me that I felt like this. No one's really, really capitalized on it and it matches everything that I'm trying to do and be represented by. So I made these blue hoodies, baby blue hoodies because blue. Why? Because they, um, the color represents, it's like a trusting color. It's a welcoming color. And so the purpose of this whole project is that I'm gonna make, I made $5,000 worth of hoodies and I'm strictly just giving them out.

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I've been giving them out this entire, um, past three months. Uh, and it's been, it's been really dope. It's, it's just, just to give out to the homeless. It's not for like, for any like activation or event or anything like that. I've literally had a box in both of my cars in the trunk and been able to give them out every time I see somebody that I feel like would be in need just because the, the weather, I know it's getting chilly, getting really cold and out here in southern California too. And that's my, one of my passion projects. And I wouldn't have, if I was organi, if I was not organized, I wouldn't have the time to be able to do those types of things and be able to implement a sort of passion project where I got a check, an additional inventory count, an additional, um, financial budget situation and have a whole box, you know, with me and stuff like that.

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And just be organized as far as like getting those out to people. But I've been, I've been having a really good time just like enjoying the fact that I'm able to bring some sort of warmth to people, whether it's through a hoodie or just like positive words and everything. To me that's, that's what makes me happy is seeing other people happy. That's what makes me happy. And one of those things, one of those passion projects is that along with like being organized, it reduces stress. Like it's, it's a, it's a fact like a scientific fact that lowers cortisol levels. Like if you don't know what cortisol is, you're like, what the, what, what kind of word is that? Cortisol is like basically the body's primary stress hormone. So being organized, it automatically helps reduce that type of uh, um, like what is it called? Like ingredient or whatever in your, in your body.

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So, and that's also like self-explanatory too. Like you're like duh, like if I'm organized, I'm not stressing. So then why don't we be organized so we could stress a little bit less? Cuz I'm sure we stressing already on a hell a lot of stuff with our personal life, you know what I'm saying? Like it makes sense to me and

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that's why that's all, all of the bad stuff, all the negative that comes with not being organized is what fuels me and pushes me to be organized. Cuz I like to win. I really like to win and, and I hate losing <laugh>. Like I, I appreciate losing because if I didn't lose, I wouldn't know what the win feels like and I wouldn't be able to appreciate the wins. Trust me, I do, but I hate losing. I'm a very competitive person. Very competitive. From basketball to PS five to Nintendo, we to playing Uno with my friends and my girl or whatever.

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Like yo, like I am, people know I am super competitive and I hate losing, but it's cool. I'm not a sore loser. I just, I'm just, you know, I'm healthy with it. I'm healthy with it. Uh, <laugh> so shout out to everybody that'd be playing with me. Yeah, eg, eg is very, uh, very competitive. <laugh> uh, what was the other part I was mentioning? Where was that? Oh, okay. So yeah, when, when you, when you are organized, reduces stress reduces cortisol levels. So I'm telling you right now, it's gonna be a life changer, game changer right there. Also too, you'll be able to sleep better. Sleep is amazing. I love sleep. I love sleep just as much as I love food. I don't know which one I love more because if I'm awake, I'm gonna be eating. And if I'm sleeping, I don't really think about anything except just big chilling.

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I'm not sure which one I like more. But knowing that things are done after a long, productive day, it's almost as if sleep is something that is earned and also alleviates the stress gives you peace of mind. That's like hard earned sleep. Well earned sleep. Sleeped, <laugh>, well earned sleep. Like I feel like I won at the end of the day when I'm sleeping, I'm in my bed, I'm chilling. I'm like, damn, I got a lot of amazing things done today. And I'm telling you people, people always like hit me up and like, how you, how do you get all these things done at the same time? It looks like I'm everywhere at one place and one time I'm really not. I mean I wish I was and I appreciate that it looks like that cuz then it's working but I'm not <laugh>. It's only because I'm able to understand how to plant seeds and wander them.

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And when they start blooming and fr come to fruition, they all kind of bloom at the same time. Sometimes I get a lot of flowers blooming, a lot of like these types of blessings happening at the same time. But I have, I delegate roles with people and my team to get that done and then it just kind of rolls over and it's like a snowball effect. And before, you know, it ain't nothing stopping it cuz we've been prepared and organized the entire time for this situation. You feel me? So organization also can help promote a healthier diet. And how, how you gonna be like, well eg how, how is that gonna have to do with anything of what I eat of being organized at my house and picking up my kids' toys or my dog's toys? Look, listen, I'm talking about by being able to prepare your meals and having your fridge and pantry stocked and counted for an un.

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Like just, this is again for me, this is for me, this is what I do. I literally do this. If you come over to my house, you'll see my pantry all organized with like different levels of items and which, like, I buy the same things every two weeks, the same item, the pop tarts go where the pop tart goes, you know, I got the Hennessy bottle goes into the ice tray, like I got, uh, the cereal box goes here. Like everything is the same thing. I get my Oreo and m and m yogurts. They go in the same, uh, what is it? The, the, the, the tray and the fridge. Like every single thing. My waters like, everything is super organized and that helps me, that helps me not order Postmates easily, easily failing and falling for some fried food and spending

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extra money, like just off of me being organized and making time outta my busy schedule to go get groceries and put 'em all in an organized fashion, not messy where I'm able to open a fridge up and know and see, see clearly I don't gotta move the Turkey leg to be able to see the spinach behind it or something.

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Like, I know I don't want y'all think like, yo, this is crazy. We're really talking about how to organize the fridge right now. But to me it's really, really helped play the game for me and set the game up for me because I don't gotta think about anything. You know, the less you think about stuff and the less energy used to think about stuff, you could use that energy, you could use those thoughts that bring power to make better decisions to, to your creative, to everything else. As long as you're prepared and organized. It's, it's, it's like so, so simple, so crazy simple. And then you're probably like, yo, we just talked about being organized in preparation and fridge food,

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Speaker 1 (17:52):

And Postmates and uh, Lola's toys on the ground for 18 minutes. But my point is, this is how organization helps me basically not think about all these temp of everything and use my energy for temporary things that really don't need to be thought of just because I was prepared and organized. You know what I'm saying? So I hope that my examples, my real life examples, uh, connect, are able to connect. And I did this the same, I did all of this when I was back in the day working these warehouse jobs and, and all this crazy stuff like that was the way that I was able to get a lot of workflow done. So it's not just something that I do now. It's something that I learned way back then that now I, I was able to like, okay, this plugs in and it makes a lot of my life far much easier. And as we know, life is already hard as it is. It can get hard, the storms will come and we want to be prepared and, and, and live, live as stress free as possible. So I hope you guys enjoyed this, this episode and I'll see you guys next Monday. Peace and love. Appreciate y'all.

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This was behind the Hustle, episode number six, all socials at eg. The Playmaker.